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Pricing – EPIC


EPIC has a simple transparent pricing model, no surprises!

We keep things simple

We present the costs, you choose the resource

We’re totally transparent with the cost of your simulations, there are no subscriptions charges or hidden costs. You pay for the resources you use and are always shown the maximum cost before you launch anything. Store up to 1TB of data without additional charges*.

Subscription fees


Upfront costs

Current price of supercomputing

We work closely with our providers to give you the best value possible

Current min price


Current max price

Prices checked :

HPC Job cost calculator

Get rough estimate of how much your job might cost via EPIC

Your job would cost between:


This is just an indication of the prices available, providers may have restrictions on the job size and maximum job runtimes. The actual cost depends on the exact job specification but EPIC will always give you a maximum job cost before you launch a job.

You are always in control

We give you the tools and information you need to manage your HPC spend

Before you submit a job EPIC will give you an estimated price. If your job finishes early or you terminate it, you will only ever pay for what you use. EPIC gives you several tools to manage and understand your HPC spend.

  • Pay as you go pricing model.
  • Transparent pricing before you submit a job.
  • Set monthly spending limits.
  • 1TB of data allowance*
  • Set up Projects with individual budgets.
  • View and explore your monthly spend.
  • Terminate running Jobs at any time.
  • Data allowance upgrades available
* Data will be removed from inactive accounts after 6 months, higher data caps and longer term retention upgrades available.

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