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EPIC – Elastic Private Interactive Cloud

Simulation on demand

Secure, simple on-demand access to Supercomputing & Cloud HPC

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High Performance Computing

Accelerate your simulations with EPIC HPC

Why you might need HPC?

Accessing large scale High Performance Computing resources can have a dramatic impact on productivity. Complete complex simulations in a fraction of your current runtime, perform more simulations in parallel or run higher fidelity simulations - access to more computing gives you a real advantage.

What does EPIC do?

EPIC lets you run a range of engineering simulation software on High Performance Computing clusters. Users with little or no HPC knowledge can start running simulation tasks in parallel on world class HPC clusters.

Case studies

Real world problems solved by EPIC


Greater Gabbard

The wind energy sector has typically relied on a mix of analysis techniques because of the historically high cost of computing resources...

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Transonic Cavity

This is an incredibly demanding case looking at the flow over an open cavity at transonic speeds. The case has certain combination of geometric...

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Oil Reservoir Simulation

This was a piece of custom work undertaken with EPIC looking at the optimisation of well placement for Oil & Gas extraction...

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EPIC at a glance

EPIC connects you to a wide range of HPC resources in a way that suits you. You can use it as a simple submission interface to specialist supercomputing resources or a tool to quickly and easily launch your own HPC cluster in the cloud.

EPIC is your gateway to thousands of cores

Thousands of cores

EPIC is your gateway to thousands of cores from multiple HPC providers.

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Pay-as-you-go pricing

Simple pricing

EPIC uses a Pay-as-you-go pricing model so you can keep control of your spend.

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Visualise your data in the cloud

Interactive Desktops

EPIC allows you to start interactive desktops in the cloud. Pre or post process your data without the need to download it.

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Pre-configured and optimised applications

Engineering applications

Get started quickly and simply with industry standard, pre-configured and optimised applications ready for use.

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Custom application hosting


Access and integrate with EPIC via a secure REST API, Python SDK or a Command Line Interface.

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Simple and secure data management

Secure data

Simple and secure data management. You are in control of all your data at all times when using EPIC.

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Simple job interface

Scale your jobs quicky and easily. Submit cases to a larger HPC resource in 5 simple steps.


Upload your simulation case via the browser or using an S3 compatible tool.


Select your application from a list of pre-installed applications and configure the simulation case.


EPIC presents you with a list of providers that can run your case with an estimated job cost.


EPIC takes care of data staging and running your job. Monitor logs and output from the portal.


Download the results from EPIC or start a remote Desktop node to view without downloading.

Performance. Scale. Control

Access world class Supercomputing and cloud HPC resources in one place

Epic Infographic


Simple access and control.

Super Computers


Internal HPC


Cloud HPC



A diverse range of HPC at your fingertips.

Super Computers

Super Computers

Internal HPC

Internal HPC

Cloud HPC

Cloud HPC


Tested and optimised applications ready to run on EPIC. Find out more

Open Foam
Open Foam Extended

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Arup.com - A global firm of consulting engineers

...The EPIC on-demand high performance computing service by Zenotech has been for us something of a game changer: the straightforward, secure access to scalable HPC resources has allowed us to deliver high value engineering services significantly faster and better than before...

Steve Walker, Arup