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How it works

EPIC at a glance

EPIC connects you to a wide range of HPC resources in a way that suits you. You can use it as a simple submission interface to specialist supercomputing resources or a tool to quickly and easily launch your own HPC cluster in the cloud.

EPIC is your gateway to thousands of cores

Thousands of cores

EPIC is your gateway to thousands of cores from multiple HPC providers.

Pay-as-you-go pricing


EPIC uses a Pay-as-you-go pricing model so you can keep tight control of your HPC spend.

Visualise your data in the cloud

Visualise your data

EPIC allows you to easily visualise your data in the cloud. No more downloading to visualise results.

Pre-configured and optimised applications

Optimised applications

Get started quickly and simply with industry standard, pre-configured and optimised applications ready for use.

Custom application hosting

Application hosting

Custom application hosting, we can install your custom codes and make them available to just you. Contact us for details.

Simple and secure data management

Secure data

Simple and secure data management. You are in control of all your data at all times.

Pre-configured Applications

EPIC provides a simple interface for getting your jobs running using pre-configured applications that have been tested and optimised for our HPC providers.

If you use one of these applications then your jobs could be running on large scale clusters in a matter of minutes.

Fire Dynamics Simulator
OpenFOAM®1 Extend

More applications on the way, if you have any requests please get in touch.

Multiple HPC providers

EPIC offers a range of HPC providers to bring you the most cost effective, customisable and scalable options available.

Expand your HPC usage beyond your in-house cluster, as and when you need it.

Multiple HPC providers

How much does it cost?

EPIC acts a little like a market place for HPC resources, we present the cost of your job on a variety of resources and then you can pick the option that best suits you.

The price of the supercomputing resources currently ranges from 5p to 10p per core hour. We are transparent with our costing, you see the commercial rate for the HPC provider and then an EPIC service charge is applied.

Work as a team

Easily collaborate, monitor and share results with your team members.

Work as a team

Account managers can:

  • Cap global spend limits that your team will never exceed.
  • Invite new team members and control what they can access.
  • Generate custom invoices.
  • Easily monitor your Job's and Cluster's activity and spend.

Team members can:

  • Upload and organise data to be processed in the cloud.
  • Setup and run Job's and Clusters.
  • Share results with other team members.
  • Terminate Job's and Clusters when required.

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...The EPIC on-demand high performance computing service by Zenotech has been for us something of a game changer: the straightforward, secure access to scalable HPC resources has allowed us to deliver high value engineering services significantly faster and better than before...

Steve Walker, Arup

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