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EPIC offers the most cost effective, customisable and scalable HPC options available.

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Centre for Fluid Mechanics Simulation

The CFMS cluster is built using the Cray CS-400 solution, with parallel file storage provided by ArcaStream, based upon IBM Spectrum Scale (formerly known as IBM GPFS). The cluster includes latest generation Intel E5-26XX v4 (Broadwell) Xeon CPUs. GPU nodes are also available, each with two Nvidia K80 GPUs.

CSD3 - Peta4

University of Cambridge

Cambridge Service for Data Driven Discovery (CSD3) is a multi-institutional research facility for data-intensive simulation and advanced data analytics. The Peta4 cluster consists of 24,000 Intel Skylake cores (750 nodes, 192GB or 386GB of RAM per node, connected by Intel Omni-Path HPC interconnect). Peta4 also contains 342 Intel Knights Landing accelerators, giving the cluster 1.5 petaflops of heterogeneous compute capability.

CSD3 - Wilkes2

University of Cambridge

Wilkes2 is an upgrade of the Wilkes cluster and contains 360 NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPUs in 90 Dell Nodes connected by Mellanox EDR Infiniband. In the June 2017 Top500 list of the 500 most powerful commercially available computer systems, Wilkes2 was at position 100 with 1.19 PFlops.


Oxford Univerisity

The Advanced Research Computing (ARC) group offer a range or HPC systems and services. The ARCUS Phase B cluster consists of 362 compute nodes, providing a total of 5792 Intel E5-2640v3 Haswell cores. The nodes have between 64GB and 256GB of memory and NVidia K40 and K80 GPUs are available.

Scafell Pike

Hartree Centre

The Hartree Centre is a high performance computing and data analytics research facility that is part of the UK Science and Technology Facilities Council. The Scafell Pike cluster was the first Bull Sequana X1000 to be installed in the UK. It consists of 6 Sequana Cells with each cell consisting of 3 racks and upto 288 nodes. Scafell Pike has 846 nodes (27,000 cores) of Intel Xeon Gold E5-6142 v5 CPUs as well as 846 nodes (51,144 cores) with Intel Xeon Phi 7210 (Knights Landing) Accelerators.



OCF are specialists in creating high performance computing, storage and data analytics. They have over a decade of experience in high performance computing and managing large-scale data challenges. The Powerplant cluster is a test bed for running your applications on the IBM Power 8 architecture and also provides access to Nvidia K80 and P100 GPUs.


Amazon Web Services

Zenotech are an AWS Technology Partner and make use of a variety of AWS services to allow you to run your HPC applications on the AWS Cloud. EPIC allows you to submit your jobs directly to AWS to make use of the scale and diverse resources available on the AWS platform.


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Zenotech are a Silver Oracle Partner and make use of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services to create and manange HPC clusters. OCI offers bare metal compute as a service providing access to the hardware without a virtualisation layer, combined with a high performance network and local NVMe storage.

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