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About – EPIC

Solving common problems

EPIC was developed to meet our own requirement for computing resource but we frequently came across people with the same issues as us


... We want to run at scale but don’t want to buy our own cluster ...


... I want to make use of HPC but don’t think I have the know-how ...


... We’re moving simulation to the cloud but don’t want to be tied to a single provider ...

Work as a team

Easily collaborate, monitor and share results with your team members

Account manager

Account managers

  • Create and manage teams of users
  • Manage a single billing profile for multiple teams
  • Simple invoices for your HPC spend
  • Set spend limits that your team will never exceed
  • Easily monitor your activity and spend
Team members

Team members

  • Collaborate with colleagues
  • Setup and run simulations
  • Share results with other team members
  • Monitor and manage each others jobs
  • Upload and organise data to be processed in the cloud

Cloud Desktops

EPIC allows you to start powerful desktops in the cloud to easily pre or post process your data. No more downloading

DCV Logo


Connect to a GPU accelerated Linux desktop directly with your browser using DCV. Start nodes with access to your data and a range of HPC applications.

Paraview Logo


Launch Paraview in Client/Server mode using GPU accelerated cloud nodes.

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Visualise your data with VisIt without having to download large datasets.

Integrate with EPIC

As well as an easy to used portal, EPIC provides tools and interfaces for you to integrate it into your simulation workflow.

API and Python SDK

EPIC has a RESTful API allowing you to integrate it with existing application quickly and easily. If your current process is based on Python then EPIC also provides the PyEpic SDK, a fully featured Python library that wraps the REST API.


EPIC Cli is a command line tool for accessing EPIC. You can managed your data and jobs directly from the command line with this simple tool. EPIC Cli is Python 3 based and supports Windows, Linux and Mac.


We take security very seriously!

A common concern when using cloud services is security. As well as ensuring that the EPIC infrastructure is secure we do all we can to ensure that we protect your simulation data when you are using EPIC. EPIC makes use of the latest cloud services to maintain a high uptime and service resiliency. We manage the security infrastructure for you, removing complexity from you and maintaining access control to your data. All communication is secured using transport level security, including all data transfers.

  • All data stored within the EU.
  • You remain in control of your data.
  • Managed data staging to the HPC providers.
  • TLS used for all data transfers.
  • Cyber Essentials certified
  • All data removed from remote clusters when jobs complete.
  • Anonymisation of your runs on the remote cluster.
  • All jobs run in an account dedicated to your job. No account sharing.
  • Exclusive node allocation. Resources not shared with other users.
  • Match your provider to your security requirements (EG: filter for ISO27001 certified providers)

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